N.H. Senator Ayotte’s Aide resigns a Day after being arrested over Prostitution Charges

A top aide to New Hampshire senator, who was arrested for involvement in a prostitution ring, has announced his resignation. The arrest of US Senator Kelly Ayotte’s senior aide, Davie Wihby, came on Friday in Nashua over charges of solicitation of prostitution.

Wihby, 61, served as the New Hampshire’s Republican state director for the past year and was Ayotte’s number-two staff member behind the chief of staff.

The relationship between Ayotte and Wihby is not only professional, but they were good friends too. Wihby has for long worked as Manchester city alderman and the former deputy commissioner and interim commissioner of the state Department of Labor.

Ayotte said in a statement that the arrest of David Wihby, her state director and a friend for many years, has shocked her because of the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

“David obviously cannot continue his duties, and I have accepted his resignation. This is a very difficult time, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved”, she added.

Wihby’s arrest took place on Friday in a hotel after he responded to a woman’s ad online. The Nashua Police has also arrested 10 men on similar charges of prostitution over the past week. All these men were between the ages of 24 and 62 years.

The New Hampshire Republican’s office has confirmed the news that Wihby resigned a day after he was arrested in Nashua on a misdemeanor charge for solicitation of prostitution

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