Stem Cell research could help in cases of infertility

A team of British and Israeli researchers has claimed that infertility can be cured with stems cell technology. The team has reportedly registered encouraging results in creating precursor cells for gametes, which combine during fertilization to produce a baby.

In a move that could transform infertility treatment, the researchers produced primitive artificial sperms and eggs using skin cells. Then they used human embryonic stem cells to produce the sex cells under carefully-controlled conditions.

They attempted to show that the same process could convert adults’ skin tissue into early-stage sperms or eggs, which could later grow into mature sperm cells and eggs.

In the next step, the researchers will try to introduce the early-stage cells into the ovaries and testes of mice to see if they really grow into sperm cells and eggs properly. The research team informed that they would do that using stem cells from mice, and not from humans.

Details of the research published in a recent issue of prestigious journal Cell.

Though the research is currently in a very early stage and it could take a long time to create viable eggs or sperm in a petri dish with the help of stem cells, but it is definitely a major first step forward. Hopefully, with the development of new technique, many people suffering from infertility will also be able to have a child.

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