China’s Yutu Moon Rover collects Interesting Information about Moon

China’s Yutu Moon Rover collects Interesting Information about Moon

China’s moon rover Yutu has gathered interesting information about the moon. According to reports, the rover has found at least nine different rock layers beneath the surface of earth’s only natural satellite. The new data revealed that the moon has been extremely geologically active over the last more than three billion years.

Long Xiao, a researcher at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, said the rover has found two interesting things about the moon. The first thing is that the moon has experienced several volcanic events in its late volcanic history. Another thing is that the area of the moon is not only composed of basaltic lavas, but it also has explosive eruption-formed pyroclastic rocks.

The mission was equipped with Lunar Penetrating Radar (LPR), which is capable of examining 1,300 feet beneath the surface of the moon. It also has Active Particle-Induced X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) and the Visible Near-Infrared Spectrometer (VNIS) to study the moon closely. The latest data sent by the rover is gathered by its camera and the LPR. According to the reports, the information was collected near the rover’s landing site.


As per the reports, the rover did not go that far but it took measurements of the ground and observed the nearby craters. Scientists from the space agency of China, the area where the rover has landed was different and different as compared to the sire where Apollo missions had landed.

Xaio said, “We think this layer is probably pyroclastic rocks which formed during the course of volcanic eruptions. It reveals the diversity of volcanic activity, but what’s more important is that it shows there are plenty of volatile contents inside the moon”.

China’s Yutu mission was the first lunar mission since 1976. The mission is part of the Change’e 3 mission and landed in the Sea of Rains area.


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