‘Carolina Butcher’ Crocodile was Top Predator before Dinosaurs Roamed North America

‘Carolina Butcher’ Crocodile was Top Predator before Dinosaurs Roamed North Amer

Scientists have revealed more about a huge crocodile species that stood on two legs at 9 feet tall with bladelike teeth and ruled the swamps of ancient North Carolina.

According to a LiveScience report, Carnufex carolinensis, the “butcher croc” used to live about 230 million years ago and it is quite possible that it walked on its hind legs like a dinosaur, and dined on other reptiles and early mammals.

Lindsay Zanno of NC State University said the meaning of “Carnufex” is butcher in Latin, and the huge crocodile was named so because the long skull ringed with teeth like blades, reminiscent of a knife, and probably worked that way, cutting into its prey easily.


It is revealed that crocs were the rulers of the animal kingdom prior to dinosaurs in the middle of the Triassic and began to dominate in the Jurassic period.

The Triassic period was between 250 million and 200 million years ago, and the occurrence of Jurassic took place during the 200 million years to 150 million years ago timeframe.

Zanno added that the scientists have found that it’s an unusual specimen too and had a strange texture within the bones, with lots of pits and grooves in the skull.


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