Breastfeeding cuts Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

According to a new study, breastfeeding can decrease a woman’s risk of breast cancer recurring. Researchers said that it has been found again that breastfeeding is connected to lower risk of breast cancer.

The study found that breast cancer survivors are less likely to face a recurrence of the disease if they breastfed one or more of their children. The study that involved 1,636 breast cancer patients also found that breastfeeding provided extra protection from breast cancer tumors of particular genetic subtypes.

“This is the first study we’re aware of that examined the role of breastfeeding history in cancer recurrence, and by tumor subtype”, said lead study author Marilyn L. Kwan, a research scientist with the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research.

For the study, the participants filled questionnaires related to their health and breastfeeding history. After that, the health outcome was plotted and comparison in their answers was done. According to the researchers, women who breastfed their kids their children were more likely to survive and were also had fewer chances to experience a relapse.

Study co-author Bette J. Caan, a senior research scientist with the Division of Research said that breastfeeding has been hailed for its benefits for the health of the kid that ranges from better immunity to protection from water-borne diseases.

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