Texas moves closer to ban e-cigarettes to Minors

Submitted by Emma Tiller on Tue, 05/12/2015 - 15:25

Soon, there could be a ban in Texas on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. According to reports, the state has moved closer to ban the e-cigarette to minors after the Texas House on Monday gave approval to a measure that lawmakers in the state said they have decided to prevent young people in Texas from buying harmful nicotine products.

The proposal was presented by Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston. During the voting process, the House members voted 123-20 in favor of the proposal. Earlier, Alvarado suggested the proposal which extends restrictions on tobacco products to e-cigarettes. Retailers in the state will be banned from selling electronic cigarettes and some other tobacco products to young people under 18, but there is no regulation on the sale of the electronic cigarettes.

According to reports, a number of young people choose electronic cigarettes as they think that the nicotine product is less toxic than traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is because the e-cigarettes create vapor instead of smoke, but according to experts, the e-cigarettes also contain the harmful substance nicotine.

The e-cigarettes are marketed to smokers to help them quit tobacco cigarettes, but some health officials said there is not enough evidence to support that claim. They also said that the electronic cigarettes could be an entry to harmful tobacco products for young people.

At a House committee hearing in March, state Rep. Nicole Collier, a Democrat from Fort Worth and one of the authors of the e-cigarette bill, said, "As a parent, I'm not comfortable with this situation. Right now, my 14-year-old daughter could walk down the street from her school, enter a store and legally purchase an e-cigarette".

Texas is among the eight states of the US that allow minors to purchase e-cigarettes, as per the National Conference of State Legislatures.