Climate Change could be one of Reasons behind Rise in Extreme Weather Events

Climate Change could be one of Reasons behind Rise in Extreme Weather Events

Parts of Texas and Oklahoma have been hit hard by storms. The devastating and deadly storms have brought high rainfall and floods in which more than 1,000 homes have been completely damaged and at least 16 people died.

The event has raised a question whether climate change is in action. It can be said that the flood and storms in Texas could be a preview of what certain other parts of the US can witness in the coming years.

Experts affirmed that due to human activities, earth is becoming hotter and owing to it, warmer air in the atmosphere will hold more moisture. The pattern is expected to bring changes in weather pattern and lead to extreme precipitation.


The NCA's authors affirmed that rise in frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation events are expected in the US regions. The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated in its latest report that a rise has been witnessed in the level of precipitation events in North America and Europe.

There are probable chances that precipitation events will further increase in the coming century. "We expect the future to look much the same, on average. But averaging can drown out the fact that, across the U. S. and Texas, our precipitation is getting more variable -- feast or famine, flood or drought", said Texas Tech University Professor Katharine Hayhoe.

The US Drought Monitor gave respite by unveiling 70% of Texas is not in drought. But such was not the case a year back when 65% of the state was facing either 'extreme' or 'exceptional' drought. Both of them are considered to be worst categories in the drug monitor.

It is being said that climate change could be a reason behind a rise in extreme weather events. But experts affirmed that not a single reason could be held responsible.


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