Woman meets Virginia Man who received Her Dead Brother’s Face

Recently, a moment sent shivers down a woman’s spine. It was the first time when the woman, Rebekah Aversano, touched her dead brother’s face after a groundbreaking transplant. While touching the transplanted face of her brother, Aversano was very emotional.

It was the moment when Aversano met the victim of a shooting accident, Richard Norris. The 60 Minutes Australia has filmed the moment, which will be premiered this weekend. According to reports, Aversano’s 21-year-old brother, Joshua, was run over and killed by a minivan when he was crossing a road about three years ago. After his death, Joshua’s family donated his face to Norris.

Norris from Virginia underwent a number of conventional operations to repair the skin damaged by a shooting accident in 1997 when he was just 22-year-old. As per the reports, there was limited success. Then, Aversano’s family donated Joshua’s face to the man, which gave another chance to the Virginia man. According to experts, it was the most complex face transplants in history.

The Aversano family’s donation gave him another chance. The transplant was done by a team of doctors at the University of Maryland medical center. In 2012, they took about 36 hours to transplant teeth, a jaw, tongue muscles and nerves.

Now, during the recent meeting with Joshua’s sister Rebekah Aversano, the 39-year-old Norris thanked Rebekah family for saving his life. During the meeting at Norris’ home at Virginia, Rebekah asked Norris to touch his face. After doing that, she surprisingly said, “Wow, this is the face I grew up with”.

While talking to Canada’s CTV News network, Joshua’s mother, Gwen, said that the family is happy to know that the transplant was successful. According to Gwen, donating the face of her son was the right thing to do.

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