Manitoba plans strict action to control E-cigarette Use

Manitoba is all set to tighten regulations on E-cigarettes as the Healthy Living Minister is going to announce a bill in legislature on Monday to put a cap on the use of E-cigarettes in the province.

Deanne Crothers told the All News Drive that the bill proposes the much needed protection for people who want to stay away from any exposure to the vapour.

Crothers added that their top priority is to protect children through the legislation. Crothers said the bill is intended to bring a kind of balance between those who are unnecessarily developing the habit of smoking e-cigarettes and those who actually need them to be free of deadly dependence on smoking traditional cigarettes.

“I do want to create a clear indication to members of the public where it’s appropriate to vape”, said Deanne Crothers. The new legislation is meant bring the much needed changes in the Non-Smokers Health Protection Act, which banned smoking in all indoor public places.

Further details of the bill are likely to surface only after the proposed legislation gets released on June 1.

The move has come after Ontario passed a bill earlier this week to ban e-cigs in indoor public areas and enacted stricter rules on the way they are advertised and displayed.

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