Substantial Percentage of Cigarette Smokers in Many Nations turning to E-Cigarettes

In the last decade, an important percentage of cigarette smokers in many nations have switched to electronic cigarettes. They shifted to electronic cigarettes either as a way to quit smoking or an alternative way of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, tar and particulate matter. These products use an electronic system to produce a mist having nicotine and propylene glycol, which can be inhaled like tobacco smoke.

In comparison to tobacco products, e-cigarettes have much lower levels of toxins and carcinogens. In fact, they are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. In Australia, e-cigarette containing nicotine is banned. In many journals, the ban is called to be ethically questionable.

Some affirmed that the ban takes away the right from people from using a less harmful form of nicotine. The ban has led to the rise of the black market of nicotine on the internet and ‘under the counter’. From this one thing gets clear that there are two options- ban of such products and secondly, allowing unfettered and unregulated promotion of such products that is happening in the UK and US.

Experts affirmed that adult smokers should be allowed to buy approved e-cigarettes products from a certain number of licensed sales outlets. Consumer law can be used to make sure that users have a reasonable level of safety.

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