‘The Voice’ Contestant Anthony Riley dies at 28

Anthony Riley, a contestant from the most recent season of ‘The Voice’, died at 28 after reportedly committing suicide. The network said in a statement shared with CNN that the singer passed away, leaving everybody who loved him sad.

Before entering rehab, the Philadelphia resident made it to the battle rounds. “At the time, [being on the show] wasn’t working for me and I felt like I needed to go, instead of taking on more responsibility than I could handle”.

Riley entered the field of music as a street performer and was named the city’s best in Philadelphia Magazine in 2014. Everybody in the city knew about him and the whole city was like his family.

Authorities have not officially confirmed the exact cause of Anthony’s death, but Tootsie Iovine, who had been like family to Anthony told Philly. com that the singer has committed suicide and was found in the basement of the center city apartment. Anthony was the victim of substance abuse and left ‘The Voice’ season 8 before the Knockout Rounds due to personal reasons.

Anthony said he was not able handle the stress of working 16-hour a day on the show. Fellow musician Robby Parsons said that Anthony’s sister gave him a call to inform him about Anthony’s death. He said Anthony was a gentle soul and everybody loved him for being loving, caring, gentle person.

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