The Gruesome Texas Pool Party Incident Accused of Racial Undertones

The Gruesome Texas Pool Party Incident Accused of Racial Undertones

The Friday incident at a McKinney, Texas pool party which has gone viral sparked racial protests on Monday as the video shows a 14-year old black girl being gravely ill-treated by a 41-year old white Texas police official.

Some community activists in McKinney have targeted the official named Eric Casebolt for practising racism. The Monday night saw hundreds of demonstrators marching to the pool carrying placards with phrases like 'My skin colour is not a crime' and 'Fire Eric Casebolt'.

The events were captured on video by a teenager. The video shows a black teenager, Dajerria Becton crying for help as Casebolt pushes her to the ground and knocks her with his knees. Casebolt is also seen pointing his handgun on other black teens.


The incident has however, received varied viewpoints. While some have upheld Casebolt's actions as need of the hour, on the contrary certain activists have severely condemned it as a racial crime.

Benet Embry, black local radio personality and a resident at the community where the pool is located stated that the police were right to respond as this teenage party of about 130 people, got out of hand.

Amidst racial accusations, the Fraternal Order of Police has emphatically stated that all members of the McKinney FOP and McKinney PD do not conduct racially biased policing. Nonetheless it agrees that the use of profanity by officers diminishes the professional image which is expected.

Police department have responded promptly and are thoroughly investigating the incident. In the meantime, Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave.


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