Hawaii Researchers working to save World’s Coral

Researchers are developing something that could save world’s coral. According to reports, researchers from a research center on Hawaii‘s Coconut Island are trying to grow ‘super coral’, which could help in saving coral reefs in the state.

The efforts to create hearty coral are made at a time when many studies warned that the health of the world’s reefs is not good. Reefs are essential for marine life. They create habitats for sea animals and protect shorelines.

Climate scientists have already warned that if global warming continues, it will become almost impossible to save the world’s reefs. When climate conditions get changed, coral ejects symbiotic algae and results in bleaching, according to Ruth Gates, director of the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. Gates said more than 60% coral in Kaneohe Bay has bleached in 2015.

“The bleaching has intensified and got much more serious. My team is now looking for the healthy individuals in a sea of pale corals”, Gates said. As per Gates, she and her team have been taking coral to their lab and testing it with more stressful water.

The theory that the researchers are testing is known as assisted evolution. It been used from a long time on a number of plants and animals, but it was never applied to coral living in the wild. Gates said the coral is being tested in stressful water to raise their ability to survive in hard conditions.

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