Overweight Men experience Discrimination Too: Study

Fat shaming is not the only thing that makes obese people unhappy, but they also face discrimination when applying for a job, according to a new study. It revealed that overweight men experience job bias as likely as obese women. They also experience subtle forms of discrimination when they are at a retail store as customers, the study stated.

The new study included two types of research. In the first research, some non-overweight men visited retail stores and applied for a job. The same men applied for a job at different stores, but after wearing overweight prosthetics. Researchers also tried to know where overweight men face discrimination as a customer, so they asked some men to pose as customers.

The researchers found that when obese men applied for jobs at retail stores, they experience discrimination. They also faced bias when they posed as customers at retail stores. The discrimination that the men faced is named ‘interpersonal discrimination’ by the researchers.

Enrica Ruggs from the Rice University said, “Employees they interacted with would try to end the interaction early, there was less affirmative behavior like less nodding or smiling; there was more avoidance types of behavior like frowning and trying to get out of the interaction”.

The second research showed that the same types of subtle discrimination happened in a retail store, and a customer was discriminator. According to the researchers, when people watched heavy employees, they reported negative stereotypical thoughts about that person. Ruggs said the study proved that more work is needed to create equitable workplaces for all kinds of employees.

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