400-pound Gorilla Pertinax visits Dentist to fix its Tooth

Treating a patient with a root canal is regular work of a dental staff, but fixing 400-pound gorilla’s tooth is rare and scary experience. Earlier, a staff faces the same situation when a gorilla, Pertinax, visited the dentist.

Earlier this month, the gorilla from the western lowland developed a fracture that, according to British zoo officials, could be dangerous if it was not treated. Dr. Peter Kertesz, a zoo dentist at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, said it was necessary to put Pertinax on anesthesia. Two hours was the least time that could knock the ape down for the dental procedure.

Kertesz said people think it is fun working with animals like gorillas and tigers, but in real, it is not fun. It is very difficult work that needs you to stay serious all the time because the health of a creature is in your hand, Kertesz added.

According to Kertesz, he has an experience of working with a number of rare and exotic animals. They are from tigers to elephants to whales. He said to do everything perfectly, you need right people in a team, Kertesz added. “Animals or people, it’s all the same: They need treatment, they get treatment. The size is what varies, and the location. It is all about teamwork”, he explained.

During the earlier dental procedure, about 10 individuals were there to handle the gorilla. It will about 45 minutes to the tooth of the Pertinax.

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