Researchers create tool that can predict whether people are likely to remember or forget an image

We take a lot of pictures everyday ranging from food to clothing, nature to friends, of everything to save them with us for lifelong. But, there are many pictures that tend to be wiped from our memory just a little time after capturing them.

This is because not every photograph is created equal, and some are more forgettable as compared to others. But, now with the help of a new easy to carry tool created at MIT, you can test how memorable your pictures are.

When a picture is uploaded, it spits out a memorability score, what is researchers have claimed that is the likelihood that you’ll really commit that picture to memory. The tool is so much fun and one can test it out for himself.

One of the MIT researchers who worked on the project, Aditya Khosla said, “People are more memorable. Body parts of semi-clothed people are more memorable. Not surprising, right? The things that are very forgettable are open scenes [like landscapes]. That’s probably why we use them as wallpaper—so we don’t clutter brains with useless information”.

The researchers said that the computer can predict whether people are likely to memorize or forget a picture, and that it can perform this task with near-human levels.

He said they don’t mean to say that they can predict what will be remembered by somebody [as an individual], but that what will be remembered by people on average will be quite similar.

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