Ebola survivor could have caused Ebola outbreak in Liberia months after the country was declared virus-free

Months after Liberia was declared free of Ebola, an outbreak of Ebola has again hit the country and experts investigating the case have said the virus may have stemmed from a survivor, who contracted the infection again during pregnancy when her immune system was weak.

The theory has been discussed by researchers from the US and Liberian and the World Health Organization has raised concerns regarding whether there is a possibility to bring the history’s worst Ebola epidemic to an end or not, with nearly 17,000 survivors in West Africa have been as a likely human reservoir of the virus.

Ebola can sleep and hide in body parts like the eyes and testicles, and odd virus re-emerging cases have been reported earlier. If it gets proved that the Liberia case would be the first ever known example of virus transmission from such a patient to others.

For so many weeks health officials have been attempting to explain why Ebola has flamed up in the suburbs of Monrovia in November, almost 3 months after the nations received Ebola-free status a second time and beyond the general incubation virus period.

The focus of the investigation is on a 15-year-old boy, Nathan Gbotoe’s family the boy lost his life of Ebola on November 24. He became a victim of an epidemic that took 11,300 lives.

According to sources, while Nathan was believed to have originated the ‘Duport Road Cluster’ of three cases, the focus has since shifted on his mother, the 33-year-old Ophelia.

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