Vitamin D Levels Reduce With Weight-Loss Surgeries

Vitamin D Levels Reduce With Weight-Loss Surgeries

Johns Hopkins University performed a research to determine the relation between weight-loss surgeries and Vitamin D deficiencies. The study was performed on more than 930,000 patients from the United States. The results showed that patients from the northern areas, who undergo weight-loss operations in winters, have more chances of developing problems as compared to southern area patients.

"Sun exposure is critical in the synthesis of vitamin D, so the notion that people living in less sunny northern states may suffer from vitamin D deficiency is not surprising," said the study leader Leigh Peterson, a Nutritionist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Bariatric Surgery. Leigh added that it is quite surprising to see such immense relation between exposure to sun, vitamin D and result of operations.

The medical records of 300,000 patients, who had undergone the operation from 2001 to 2010, were evaluated. The outcome revealed that 71% of the patients, who were in hospital for longer durations, belonged to the northern region of South Carolina. Furthermore, delay in healing during winters was experienced by more than twice the number of patients who experienced delayed healing in summers. The facts were published in the study that was released online in Obesity Science and Practice on December 14 2015.


Researchers believe that lack of nutrients can cause inflammation, delay healing process and increase the risk of infections. However, it is still to be found whether the regular intake of vitamin D supplements can curb such issues following weight-loss surgery. The researchers did state that patients should be reviewed for this deficiency before being operated for weight loss.

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