Study says Urban Area Snow absorbs Air Pollutants, so Don’t Eat It

Study says Urban Area Snow absorbs Air Pollutants, so Don’t Eat It

Forget about yellow snow, you shouldn’t even think of eating any type of snow, a new finding on contents of clean snow has suggested. According to it, every type of snow absorbs air pollutants and people should think a thousand times before biting out of a snowball.

A team of Canadian scientists studied how air pollutants affect urban area snow and how it interacts with those harmful chemicals, which usually found in car exhausts. The study featured in the Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts stated that just 60 minutes after on the earth’s surface, the snow absorbed an unhealthy amount of air pollutants.

To understand more, the researchers put chemicals found in car exhaust in a snow chamber. After mixing them, the researchers measured the chemicals’ composition in the snow and found that the concentration was near the detection limit just after one hour. The dangerous pollutants’ level had reached to a level where the snow absorbed every harmful chemical, as per the researchers. They also concluded that chemicals that they detected were benzene, ethylbenzene and xylenes.


The researchers said the new study is just a beginning to explain that eating snow of urban area is not the right decision. “More studies need to be done to determine where those pollutants go when the snow melts, how a change in temperature would affect the findings, and how the findings of this and future studies should shape policy”, the researchers added.

A study in 2014 has concluded that air pollution is among the most serious problems of the modern world. The researcher by (World Health Organization) stated that air pollution is behind about 11% total global deaths. It also linked the type of pollution to many serious health issues like stroke, heart disease and cancer.


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