Apple busy in making augmented reality headsets

Apple busy in making augmented reality headsets

Apple is working to enter into augmented reality device market. Apple is said to be working in secrete and has acquired a number of VR companies. Apple came under notice after it hired a top researcher Doug Bowman, who was the Director of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech.

Apple has also acquired Flyby Media, an augmented reality startup company. This company has earlier worked with Google to come up with the software for the 3D technology, Project Tango. Apple has not confirmed its stand on augmented reality tech.

As per experts, augmented reality technology market would be the next big thing once consumer devices step in to make it available to consumers at prices that are reasonable. There are some brands that have shown interest to develop new virtual reality technology. But it might take a few years before consumers become comfortable with the idea.


Microsoft Hololens, the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR are the first consumer-oriented devices that will be launched this year. Gamers are quite excited to use the VR as it makes them feel like they are inside the game.

Experts said that it is surprising that Apple has been working on making a prototype headset for past many months. In fact, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has also shared his thoughts on virtual reality. He said that VR is cool and affirmed that it would become a niche product as it matures.

Transparent displays, mobile mapping solutions and iPhone-powered virtual displays are among the wide range of augmented reality applications. Apple has many patents that cover many such applications. One of the main features is that smartphone can identify physical objects in real time using computer vision.

Augmented reality is a layer of digital information that allows information like instantly accessible navigation directions in the user's field of view.


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