ADHD during Childhood doubles the Risk of Obesity among Females

Female child facing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has almost double the risk of suffering from obesity during adult age according to a new research conducted at Mayo Clinic. The research team evaluated weight gain among boys and girls during teenage and adulthood and compared the data with occurrence of ADHD among the study individuals. For females, the risk of obesity was much higher compared to males with ADHD.

Mayo Clinic study was conducted over long term and the research team found higher obesity risk even when girls were offered stimulant treatment for ADHD. The study was conducted on 1000 kids till they reached adulthood. Girls with ADHD had twice the risk of being obese during adult age compared to girls without ADHD. Stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall was generally prescribed in case of ADHD but the study team found no link between stimulant use and obesity.

Dr. Seema Kumar, a pediatrician and researcher at Mayo Clinic Children’s Research Center in Rochester, Minn., said, “There are a couple of biological mechanisms that underlie both obesity and ADHD. Girls with ADHD may not be able to control their eating and may end up overeating. Because kids with ADHD don’t have impulse control, it may also play a role in this.”

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