Apple faces customer backlash as ‘Error 53’ renders iPhone 6 useless

Apple faces customer backlash as ‘Error 53’ renders iPhone 6 useless

Many Apple iPhone users have claimed that their iPhone 6 stopped working after the newest update permanently disables the phone if it detects that the smartphone has been repaired by a non-Apple technician. The latest operating system released by Apple renders the phone completely useless if it has been repaired by non-Apple technician, according to latest news reports. The issue has been termed as “Error 53” and the phone will be permanently disabled in such cases.

In case the home button on Apple iPhone 6, which has touch Id fingerprint recognition feature, has been repaired by a non-official technician or phone repair service company. The issue has been noticed only among users who have updated to the latest iOS 9 operating system on their smartphones.

Many users faced the issue just after their upgraded to the latest operating system from Apple. The phone might have been repaired earlier, even few months back in some cases. As the users update their operating system, it recognizes that the phone has been repaired by non-Apple technician and disables it permanently.


Any data of the phone including images, videos and contacts is lost in such a case. The data can’t be recovered unless it has been backed up on some backup service. Error 53 has already resulted in protest from many users on social networks.

According to technology experts, Apple was aware of the issue. The company has added the feature to its latest operating system but failed to warn users that it could damage their smartphone after iOS 9 upgrade.

Apple posted about the issue on its official website. The company has asked the customers impacted by Error 53 to contact customer support for help on the issue.

In the official statement, Apple said, “If your iOS device has Touch ID (pictured above), iOS checks that the Touch ID sensor matches your device’s other components during an update or restore. When iOS finds an unidentified or unexpected Touch ID module, the check fails. For example, an unauthorized or faulty screen replacement could cause the check to fail.”

The support page advised iPhone or iPad owners who had their devices serviced by people other than Apple Service Center technicians, Apple Store employees or authorized Apple service providers should "contact Apple Support about pricing information for out-of-warranty repairs."

A story published by the Guardian on Error 53 informed, “Freelance photographer and self-confessed Apple addict Antonio Olmos says this happened to his phone a few weeks ago after he upgraded his software. Olmos had previously had his handset repaired while on an assignment for the Guardian in Macedonia.”

Daily Dot technology writer Mike Wehner posted a story warning Apple iPhone6 users about the issue “Error 53 will kill your iPhone and no one knows what it is”. He relates how his own iPhone 6 Plus was left “effectively dead to the world”.

Responding to the issue, an Apple spokeswoman said, “When an iPhone is serviced by an unauthorised repair provider, faulty screens or other invalid components that affect the touch ID sensor could cause the check to fail if the pairing cannot be validated. With a subsequent update or restore, additional security checks result in an ‘error 53’ being displayed … If a customer encounters an unrecoverable error 53, we recommend contacting Apple support.”

Apple has confirmed that thousands of users have suffered due to Error 53 already. The company has asked users to contact Apple support to resolve the issue.


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