Google will remove search results for searches outside European Union starting March

Google will delist certain pages from its search results outside European Union as well under ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling of the European Court of Justice. Earlier, Google and other search engines were delisting any information which was no longer applicable, if the user living in the European Union asked for its delisting. Google was deleting the information from European search results only. However, after repeated calls from data regulators from many countries in European Union, Google has finally agreed to remove the search results from as well.

The changes will come into effect next month. Under certain conditions, Google and other search engines can be asked to remove search engine results involving the users who appeal to search engines for removal of information.

CNIL in France ordered Google in June 2015 to widen the scope of the removal of search results under ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling.

European Union has strict privacy laws. According to a Reuters report, new rules regarding user privacy will come into force in 2018.

According to transparency report issued by Google recently, the company has rejected nearly 60 percent of 386,000 appeals for removal of search engine results. Right to be forgotten ruling came into effect in May 2014.

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