NASA’s ‘Vision of the Future’ calendar will take you on breathtaking space tour

NASA’s ‘Vision of the Future’ calendar will take you on breathtaking space tour

‘Vision of the Future’, a set of 14 posters lately released by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), shows how would space tourism be like many centuries from now. Out of the 14, the design studio at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released the three posters last year and they were known as the Exoplanet Travel Bureau poster series.

At that time also, the posters were well received by the public. Now, the space agency is releasing more posters. All the posters are available for download on the JPL website. The studio was formed around 13 years back when designer Dan Goods asked JPL director Charles Elachi to help NASA’s exploration wing.

Since then, studio has been involved in creative tasks. The team works closely with the engineers and scientists at JPL, which means that the designers are in tune with the latest discoveries and biggest mysteries of our solar system.


When NASA asked the design team to come up with more posters, it was very simple to finalize the theme, which was around planetary exploration. “We're huge science fiction fans, but sometimes it's positioned only in that way that its science fiction. What's kind of special is we're working with people who are actively trying to make these things come to life”, affirmed JPL designer David Delgado.

Each of the posters mixes reality with an optimistic take on exploring our solar system. To cite few examples, the Venus poster calls for visitors to come see the ‘Cloud 9 Observatory’. The poster for Europa exhibits the ability to see underwater life. One of the posters shows the explosive geysers on Enceladus.

The graphic approach for Mars poster was modern and fun. Goods said that three of the posters were created by Seattle-based design and illustration studio Invisible Creature.


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