Third Rock Radio: Scott Kelly to take Audience regarding his year-long mission aboard ISS

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has already broken several space records during his special year-long mission to the International Space Station (ISS). He holds the record of most number of spaceflight to the space station by a US astronaut. But, the commander of the habitable artificial satellite on the one year mission isn’t satisfied with this and decides to be part of Third Rock Radio of the NASA.

During the 120-minute web broadcast, the 51-year-old astronaut will appear as a guest host. The special online broadcast is scheduled to start at 5 pm on Thursday, as per a statement by NASA officials. During the program, Kelly will take people here on earth inside his extraordinary one-year mission aboard the space station in low earth orbit.

RFC Media manages the US space agency’s Third Rock Radio music station. The radio broadcaster uses the station to provide blend of good music and awesome space discovering by NASA. “RFC Media matches ‘new rock discover’ with tales of exciting, on-going mission to create one of the most talked about digital radio channels. Third Rock fans worldwide share their discoveries from Music Explorers who present ‘the best new rock out there – really out there”, the officials at NASA said.

After Kelly’s two-hour web broadcast, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams will be interviewed on February 29 from 7 to 8 am. Currently, Williams has been preparing for his upcoming mission to the ISS. During the 29 February interview, the 58-year-old NASA astronaut will talk about his mission aboard the space station orbiting 400 kilometers above earth.

Both the interviews will be telecasted on NASA Television. People will also be able to catch the interviews on the space agency’s website.

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