Massachusetts’ political scenario remains extremely unpredictable

Massachusetts primary is less than a week away, but the state’s political scenario remains extremely unpredictable as both the Democratic and Republican races are still very much in play ahead of the contest.

The list of most notable contestants includes Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Clinton has been endorsed by much of Massachusetts’ Democratic political establishment but high-profile Democrat U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has declined to endorse her. Warren hasn’t endorsed Sanders either.

Some analysts say that Warren’s silence has benefitted Sanders. Peter Ubertaccio, the director of Stonehill College’s Martin Institute for Law & Society, said her silence provided Sanders with an opening in the state that he mightn’t have had otherwise.

During an energetic campaign rally at the University of Massachusetts on Monday, Sanders invoked Warren saying, “What our campaign has been talking about is the fact that we have a corrupt campaign finance system, the fact that we have a rigged economy, something your senator, Elizabeth Warren, has talked about a lot.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Charlie Baker said that he hadn’t decided yet who he was going to vote for but stressed that it was very unlikely that he would vote for Donald Trump.

Massachusetts primary is slated for next Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

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