Nashua man faces up to 7 years in prison for shoplifting perfume bottles

A Nashua man accused of stealing bottles of women’s perfume faces up to seven years in prison as law enforcement officials have upgraded the charge against him from a misdemeanor to a Class B felony under New Hampshire’s third-strike law.

Martin Paralle, a 41-year-old of resident of 40 Chestnut St., was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with theft by police after a store situated at the Daniel Webster Highway reported the alleged theft.

According to the charge, Paralle shoplifted numerous bottles of women’s perfume from Marshalls at 213 Daniel Webster Highway. He hid the bottle in his coat and left the store without paying for the bottles.

As the suspect has two prior theft-related convictions, police upgraded the charge to a felony as directed under the state’s third-strike law.

Paralle is currently being held at the Valley Street Jail pending an arraignment in the court, where he will formally be informed of the upgraded charge against him.

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