Allowing transgender children to live freely with gender they identify with will make them psychologically stronger

Allowing transgender children to live freely with gender they identify with will

Environment in which they grow, matters a lot for children. A new study has found that if young transgender children are allowed to live freely with their true gender then they are as psychologically well as other children. Study researchers said that parents can play an important role and help their children by understanding their needs. Parents should not impose their will on children.

In the study, the researchers have compared 73 transgender children aged between three and 12 with 73 non-transgender youngsters. The transgender children fared well on both measures- depression and anxiety as a group of non-transgender siblings.

Study’s lead researcher Kristina Olson, an associate psychology professor at the University of Washington, said that rate of anxiety among trans-children was little up when compared with national average of the same age group. But otherwise they have matched national norms.


The research is the largest one to assess the psychological health of transgender youth who have socially transitioned. Researchers strongly believe that family support matters a lot when it comes to better mental health of children.

Dr. Ilana Sherer, a pediatrician from Dublin, California, has termed the findings to be completely stunning. The participants who took part in the research did not have undergone any sex reassignment treatment. In fact, there were some parents who initially were against letting their children come out.

Olson said that the study findings do not apply to all transgender children and especially the ones whose parents oppose their change in identity. Sherer said that allowing children to live openly with the gender they identify with could prove an ‘incredibly affirming process’. It will strengthen the confidence of children that their identity is supported.


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