Study proposes Novel Method to Hunt for Aliens Looking at Us

People have different opinions about the existence of aliens. Some say there could be exoplanets favoring life, while others think apart from earth, the universe is lifeless. What if an alien civilization is searching for us, and we are targeting the wrong area of the universe?

An international team of researchers has a theory on this topic. It doesn’t reveal where aliens are holed up, but it tells what to do if the universe has some other planets like our earth. The study published in the journal Astrobiology stated the researchers have found a way to look for aliens in space which could offer higher chances of success.

As per the study, there is a need to identify signals using the new method to observe a planetary body before its star transition waveform. The researchers have an electromagnetic field that can help them in catching signals sent by aliens. They suggest that it is necessary to have a technology capable of amplifying the natural electromagnetic planet radiation.

The study proposed a model Matrix/DNA model which the researchers think could tell how to look for aliens in space.

“It suggests that planets are developed by the life’s cycle process, suggests the ideal age and conditions a planet must have to harbor biological life, and suggests the ideal slice of electromagnetic radiation frequency/variation that could be permitting planets to self-communicating”, said a researcher, René Heller. Various spacecraft and telescopes captured many images and data on Cosmos that do not hint life could be there. It suggests that the current models that astronomers are using are wrong.

Study researchers said one possible strategy to find aliens is to assume that aliens are searching for us in the same way earth’s astronomers are hunting for them.

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