Expert Clears Misconceptions about ADHD

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a highly misunderstood condition, especially among teachers and parents. So, to offer a better insight on this condition, one of nation’s leading experts on ADHD, Ned Hallowell, has listed 10 primary misconceptions associated with ADHD.

First misconception is that if a person has ADHD, he/she is stupid. The reality is that people with ADHD have different levels of intellect, similar to the varied intelligence levels in normal people. People with ADHD are in fact quite intellectual in the fields of creativity, novelty, instinct, inventiveness and emotional ability. Second misconception is ADHD turns a person disabled for certain tasks. Conversely, appropriate management of ADHD can make a person extremely successful, if the condition is properly detected and treated.

Third disbelief is that medication is the only way to treat ADHD. The treatment for ADHD begins with education, which can be used to find the actual meaning of this condition and clearing doubts. Several books and websites offer information regarding ADHD. Fourth misapprehension is that a child psychiatrist must be consulted for ADHD. The only qualification to treat ADHD is experience. Several professionals are capable of treating ADHD and an M.D. is only required in case the medication has to be given.

Fifth misconception is that only males suffer from ADHD. This condition can trouble anyone, irrespective of age and sex. Sixth misconception is that only a disruptive and hyperactive person can have ADHD. ADHD with disruptive characteristics is only a subtype of the condition. There are cases where the person is absolutely calm and involved in his/her own thoughts. Seventh is ADHD patients are unsuccessful. It is completely wrong as they are capable of excelling in many fields.

Eight is denying ADHD if a person can concentrate. People with ADHD can concentrate better than anyone if they find something interesting. Ninth misapprehension is ADHD medicine being dangerous and addictive. If use appropriately they are absolutely safe and free of side effects. Last one is bad parenting, excessive electronics, pollution or environmental stress causing ADHD. These can worsen ADHD not cause it.

The StatesChronicle News notes that, “Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have problems focusing and staying put. What they usually do is fidget and get bored and pass from one activity to another more quickly than kids who don’t have this disorder.”

These “symptoms” become an issue when the child goes to school and is required to stay in his seat and pay attention. Many teachers cannot handle children with ADHD and claim they are disrupting class activities because they fidget too much.

In other news WTHR News reported, “The new TCC Rainforest Activity Center is an area created for therapeutic play for patients and families. The space will also be used by the Child Life team for developmentally appropriate play.As part of a $1 million partnership with Riley, TCC has outfitted the room with art supplies and the latest high-tech games.”

“Kids need more than medicine to get well, and having a playroom like that is that more-than-medicine to get well,” said Sara Barnett with Riley Hospital.

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