Induction at labor at or before due date in older first-time mothers may not raise risk of cesarean delivery

A new study clears one of the biggest misconceptions that inducing labor in older first-time mothers increases the chances of cesarean deliveries. The research has unveiled that induction of labor at or before the due date in older first-time mothers does not increase the rate of cesarean deliveries.

The study has also cleared that there is no short-term effects of the same on maternal or neonatal outcome. Study’s lead researcher Kate F. Walker from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, said that due to the misconception, there has been a limited use of inducing labor.

To find out the actual effect of induction on cesarean delivery rates in these women, the researchers carried out a randomized controlled trial in which 619 pregnant women aged 35 and above were assigned to labor induction between 39 weeks 0 days and 39 weeks 6 days of gestation or they should wait for spontaneous onset of labor or induction said by development of a medical problem.

The researchers noticed that the rate of cesarean birth was equal in both the groups. With 32% of women in the induced group and 33% of the expectant management group delivered through cesarean.

“Serious adverse events were reported in 10 women in the induction group (3%) and in 23 women in the expectant-management group (7%)”, affirmed the researchers. The researchers have affirmed that their study is the first one to provide strong evidence to help doctors and older first-time mothers in taking decision.

The study findings support the ‘induce more women’ advocates. The researchers said that they really hope that their work can lead to more discussions to the clinical approach and how to address risk groups. William A Grobman from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois, said that the study has made an important contribution to medical knowledge.

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