Trump’s controversial remarks troubling N.H. Sen. Kelly Ayotte

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte is trying to hold on to moderates who backed her in 2010 election, while also supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Since announcing his presidential campaign in June 2015, Trump made controversial remarks about Muslims and Mexican immigrants almost every time he delivered a speech. He demanded a ban on Muslims’ entry into the nation and called Mexican immigrants ‘drug peddlers’ and ‘rapists’.

Responding to Trump’s controversial remarks, Ayotte recently said that there was no place in the American society for racism and bigotry and added that she found Trump’s response to David Duke and the KKK offensive and disgusting.

But she has also declared that she intends to support whoever wins the GOP presidential nomination for the presidential election, and Trump is currently leading the race.

Summing up Ayotte’s dilemma in an interview, Fergus Cullen, who ran the N. H. Republican State Committee from 2007 to
2008, said, “It’s not like Passover, where the voters say, ‘Oh, these are the good Republicans that we’re meant to spare. They kill them all.”

Ayotte doesn’t want to lose moderates’ support as she is up for re-election this year and facing a really tough challenge from incumbent Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan. According to a recent WMUR poll, Ayotte holds a 45-41 edge over Hassan, an insignificant lead that is within the poll’s 3.9 per cent margin of error.

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