Poor physical health in teenage regardless linked to higher diabetes risk later in life

Poor physical health during teenage irrespective of the fact if one was obese or not, could increase the risk of diabetes. People who suffer from health issues during teenage face higher risk of suffering from diabetes later in life, according to a new study.

Inactivity is a known factor for type-2-diabetes, but the recent study has helped know how much physical fitness at young age influences diabetes risk later in life.

For the study, the researchers have involved around 1.5 million Swedes who underwent physical fitness tests when they were recruited in the military at the age of 18 years. Their health results were then tracked up to age of 62 years.

The researchers noticed that low aerobic fitness and low muscle strength at the age of 18 was associated with a three-fold rise in risk for diabetes in adulthood irrespective of the person’s body weight.

Study’s lead researcher Dr. Casey Crump of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City said that the findings support programs to strengthen aerobic and muscle fitness in youngsters. The research paper also passes on an important message that people who are out-of-shape and do not think to be at risk for diabetes because they are not obese should get regular in physical workouts.

Dr. Howard Selinger, chairman of family medicine at Quinnipaic University’s School of Medicine in Hamden, Conn, was of the view that a healthy lifestyle can be adopted at any age and it will certainly reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Selinger said that good physical workout is good enough to improve the condition of the heart and lungs and improves physiologic function for years to come. Dr. Gerald Bernstein, who coordinates the Friedman Diabetes Program at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, has termed the research to be vital, as it focuses on exercise, especially aerobics, improves insulin sensitivity.

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