We want to obey laws, though ISIS doesn’t: Trump says

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump taunted rivals and mocked protesters while addressing a huge crowd of supporters in Concord on Monday.

More than 4,000 cheering supporters gathered at the city’s Cabarrus Arena & Events Center to listen to the Republican front-runner. During his 40-minute speech, he was interrupted by protestors at least eight times.

Calling for tougher trade policies, Trump criticized air-conditioning systems manufacturers Carrier for moving jobs to Mexico. He pledged to slap heavy tariffs of up to 35 per cent on products that would be shipped back to the U. S.

He also called for a stronger military, and promised that he would knock the hell out of ISIS. He also reiterated his support of waterboarding, a form of torture simulating drowning that is used to force militants to reveal the truth.

Supporting waterboarding, he said, “We absolutely need it. We should have it, and if we can have it, we should have worse. Now there are laws . and we want to obey the laws, the rules and regulations, even though ISIS doesn’t.”

Known for making controversial remarks, Trump continues to hold a significant lead in state polls over his Republican rivals. Recent surveys showed him leading by an average of 10 points. His Concord visit came around a week before North Carolina’s March 15 primary.

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