Kansas Woman dies after Days after delivering triplets

A woman from Clay Center in Kansas, Casi Rott, died last month, a few days after giving birth to healthy triplets. Her husband Joey Rott said Casi, who was a secretary at a local elementary school, was determined to carry her babies as long as she could and she gave birth to Asher, Levi and Piper on January 29.

“She wanted to carry them for 34 weeks. That was her number one goal, to have healthy babies”, Joey told KWCH in February. A week after the delivery, Casi woke up with severe chest pains and was rushed to the emergency room, her family members said.

The hospital authorities conducted a CT scan, which showed she had a blood clot in her lungs. She was treated upon and discharged from the hospital and for some time, everything appeared to have gone back to normal.

Holding her babies, she went home to meet her 6-year-old and 2-year-old daughters. “She got to spend four hours here tidying up the nursery how she wanted it. I brought the two girls back here at 5 o’clock. She got to hug them, kiss them and love on them for about five minutes before the issues started”, said Joey Rott.

Doctors believe that a second blood clot proved fatal for the 36-year-old mother. According to the Mayo Clinic, Casi had been on bed rest for two weeks before she delivered through cesarean section, both of which could have increased the risk of developing a blood clot.

A family friend, Hilary Thompson, has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family.

The page has already raised more than $90,000, nine times higher than the original target of $10,000.

Joey said the community has been incredible and it was due to their support that the family was able to move back to Clay Center.

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