Concord Medical Spine & Pain Center ordered to close

The Concord Medical Spine & Pain Center, which is located at 6 Sharpley Road, Wilmington, has been ordered by Delaware’s Division of Public Health (DPH) to close.

Public health officials confirmed that the Concord Medical Spine & Pain Center was inspected by DPH earlier this and was ordered to close after the medical facility failed to confirm that it followed proper sterilization processes. In addition, the facility failed to meet legal accreditation requirements.

The state Department of Public also said that received complaints from multiple customers about the sterilization of medical equipment at Delaware Otolaryngology Consultants in Lewes and ordered it to close because it couldn’t prove that proper sterilization processes were being followed.

The public health department has said that it didn’t detect any case of transmission of blood-borne diseases related to the sterilization issue at the facility.

However, it is encouraging patients who may have received services at the now-closed center to immediately contact their health care providers and undergo a checkup for blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as a precautionary measure.

The public health department’s this recommendation is standard practice that comes when it can’t confirm proper sterilization procedures were followed at a facilities it regulates.

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