Meet Jedi, diabetes service dog who saved life of his 7-year-old owner

By saving a seven-year-old boy’s life, Jedi has showed why dogs are human’s real-life guardians. Luke Nuttall is the boy suffering from type 1 diabetes, a painful disease with no cure. Luke’s pancreas stopped producing insulin, which further changes glucose level in his body. It becomes dangerous when the boy is sleeping, but Luke’s dog Jedi can detect these changes by sniffing them.

Dorrie Nuttall, Luke’s mother, discussed a recent incident on social media where Jedi saved the boy’s life at nighttime when other family members were sleeping. She said the family came to know about seven-year-old boy’s serious condition when they found Jedi lying on top of Dorrie.

It was a warning sign given by the dog, Dorrie revealed in a Facebook page, named Saving Luke—Luke and Jedi—Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together. The family started the page in 2012 to share Luke’s story.

Dorrie noticed Jedi’s warning and checked Luke’s glucose monitor. It was showing okay, but Jedi believed something was wrong, according to Dorrie. “I knew she meant business, and the sleepy fog started to wear off”, she mentioned. The mother picked the boy’s finger and noticed that the reading was 57, a low. It was dropping fast and Luke was still sleeping, Dorrie said.

Luke has been living with Type 1 diabetes for the past four years. He has never woken up on his own to check his blood sugar level. Other Nuttall family members or Jedi keep a constant watch on Luke’s monitor for low blood sugar.

After noticing the low readings, Dorrie gave a glucose tablet to her son. She shared the incident on Facebook with a picture of Jedi in action. The post was shared by many other users on Facebook.

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