Research: Future sea-level rise is a problem probably too big to be solved even by unprecedented geo-engineering

Research: Future sea-level rise is a problem probably too big to be solved even

Earth is continuously becoming warmer and it could lead to serious issues for coastal communities and major cities along the coastlines. If the ocean level continues its rise due to global warming, aoastlines across the world will retreat inland in future. It means some coastal cities in locations like Florida, New York and other major cities will suffer in terms of real estate.

During a debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have discussed the topic precisely on Wednesday night, as cities like Florida could lose a larger part of land, on which people are living presently and have their property.

Considering this scenario, in a latest study published in the open access journal Earth System Dynamics, scientists have come up with an idea to pump water in extremely cold regions. However, considering some calculations about the scale of what it would demand, the idea might sound far-fetched. The scale is apparently quite massive. But then, something has to be done about the issue.


One of the study’s authors, Anders Levermann, a sea-level expert at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said that it wasn’t a proposition, but just a discussion. Levermann said that it is supposed to kick start a discussion over how huge the sea level problem actually is.

In simple words, their idea is to pump surplus seawater over two miles into the air towards the top of the Antarctic ice sheet. There it would get freeze and remain there for a quite long period, though not forever.

The latest study has used a computer model of Antarctica for studying the consequences of putting large volumes of salt water into various parts of the ice sheet.

And, they notice fewer problems, including the large amount of energy required and the huge geo-engineering of which is possibly the only actual unspoiled site on our planet.

This, the Potsdam Institute has itself framed the study in support of the idea, ‘future sea-level rise is a problem probably too big to be solved even by unprecedented geo-engineering’.

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