LEGO-made Central Library & other landmarks to be showcased in Manchester this summer

Some of Northern Brickworks’ awfully remarkable LEGO builds, including ‘Manchester Brickadilly’ and a replica Bolton town hall, will be showcased in the city this summer.

Manchester’s Central Library is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city; it was never before seen made of LEGO. Bolton LEGO enthusiast Robert Clarkson created the incredible miniature model of the Central Library from 20,000 bricks and some other parts.

Clarkson, a retired mental health nurse, said it took him nearly three hundred hours to create the miniature model of the landmark, adding that it a great fun.

Speaking on the topic, Clarkson said, “I would estimate it took me 300 hours. A lot of time was spent just working out how to make it round, and then how to represent the details and features. It was genuinely great fun.”

Clarkson is the chairman of a hobbyist group known as Northern Brickworks. The group’s other member Jamie Douglas created a ‘Manchester Brickadilly’ train station using LEGO bricks.

Northern Brickworks will return to Manchester Central this summer at LEGO festival Bricktastic. The group will be among more than five dozen exhibitors at the event, including the United Kingdom’s only certified LEGO professional, Brick Bricks.

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