General Mills to start labeling GMOs to comply with a law set to go into effect in Vermont

General Mills to start labeling GMOs to comply with a law set to go into effect

On Friday, General Mills announced that it will start labeling products countrywide that have genetically modified ingredients, obeying a law that will soon become effective in Vermont.

According to the maker of Cheerios and Yoplait, proper product labeling just for a single state is impractical. So far, there is no deal for national legislation on GMO labeling, considering which, the company has made up its mind to add the disclosures needed by Vermont beginning in July to products across the United States.

Mike Siemienas, a spokesman for General Mills, said that the labeling is going to appear on products in the coming weeks. The company is already working on changing some of the labels to provide information about genetically modified ingredients.


The move has been taken after federal legislation over the labeling of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, got stalled in Congress. The food industry wanted to make the labeling for GMOs voluntary, and was in favor of banning states from passing a patchwork of laws countrywide.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is the representative of the leading food companies in the country. In a statement, it said that the decision taken by General Mills has underscored the requirement of a national law. The association added that the law of a small state has set labeling standards for consumers nationwide.

Campbell Soup Co. broke ranks with the industry in January, saying that it is in support of federal legislation for compulsory labeling. The company said that it would begin revealing the presence of GMOs in the products manufactured by it in case no national standard gets established in a ‘reasonable amount of time’.

You can miss the revelations made by Campbell and General Mills, unless people want them.


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