Progressives will hold Trump’s feet to the fire: opponents believe

Ever since Donald Trump announced his bid for the Republican presidential candidacy, his controversial comments kept on creating criticism and unrest, which sometimes forced him to cancel his planned rallies.

Many believe that Trump’s harsh comments against Muslims and immigrants could hurt him in the general election, but some experts argue that the Republican front-runner’s ‘gaffes’ will not hurt him because a certain segment of voters really supports the things he has been saying as well as the way he is saying them.

Republican strategist Mike DuHaime, who served as adviser to New Jersey Governor’s Chris Christie’s presidential campaign, says that the image the Republican front-runner projects as a political outsider has supplanted the controversy surrounding his harsh comments.

But, Democrats have started are confident that progressives would never allow Trump to enter the White House.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s ally David Brock said, “Republicans have utterly failed to police their own ranks. Should he get the nomination, I think progressives will be able to hold his feet to the fire in a way that Republicans never would.”

Analysts believe that Trump’s harsh comments are part of his strategy. He canceled a planned event earlier this month at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The resultant chaos and violence enabled him to dominate the airwaves, while his rivals were struggling for coverage in the run-up to the March 15 primaries.

The only time Clinton broke through the clutter was when she talked about Trump, a situation that wasn’t lost on Democrats who noted his ability to stay on the offensive throughout the GOP primaries. But party strategists and Clinton aides believe that calculus will change in the general election, pointing to Trump’s high negative ratings.

Still, it is true that Trump’s eruptions have turned off a significant proportion of Americans, who may change the calculus in the general election.

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