may ban Some Users for Returning Too Many Items

Users who fall in the category of frequently returning purchased items from online retailer, could face a ban on the shopping platform. Greg Nelson, a computer programmer who had been an Amazon user since 2002, has been banned for lifetime from using the shopping website, according to an article published Friday in the Guardian.

Nelson, who calls himself an Amazon addict, had bought 343 items in total and returned 37 items. He later found that he has been prohibited from shopping at the website. Through a form letter, Amazon refused to reopen his account saying that he comes in the category of those who misused the website.

Nelson in his support said that he understands that according to the company policy, those who will misuse the site will be barred. However, he does not consider himself misusing the website. Nelson mentioned that items which were returned were either damaged or fell short of their description and said that Amazon hasn’t given him a chance to explain. He was also told that he had lost his unspent gift-card balance as it cannot be transferred.

“In a tiny fraction of cases we are forced to close accounts where we identify extreme account abuse. This decision is only taken after we have reviewed the account carefully and tried to work with the customer over an extended time period to resolve any issues”, said the company in a statement to MarketWatch.

According to Guardian, the Amazon’s return policy doesn’t state that a user will be banned in response to too many returns. The website had mentioned in length and breadth on retuning policy, but nowhere is mentioned a limit to return goods.

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