N.H. bill would allow adults to join children in Bingo games

New Hampshire lawmakers are mulling over a quirky measure that aims to allow adults to join children for playing Bingo games.

The new bill, presented by Republican Rep. James Webb on Tuesday to a state Senate committee, would allow anyone over age of 18 years to play children’s bingo games if they are supervising a kid or kids. But, participating adults would not be eligible for winning prizes.

Under the state’s current law, hotels, campgrounds other recreational facilities have to host separate bingo games for children and adults. Webb’s bill aims to change that.


Webb said he was inspired by camping trips with his grandchildren, and he tried his best to author the bill in such a way that it would make sure that bingo would remain a game for children.

Speaking on the topic, Webb said, “I tried to write it as much as possible to make sure this is a children’s game. Sometimes you’ll see that adults will drop their kids off and leave. This will take care of that problem. I’d like to stay there and enjoy them having fun and enjoying bingo.”

The new bill also aims to increase the maximum value of prizes that children can win from $2 to $5. After hearing from Webb and others, the Ways & Means committee of New Hampshire House voted to recommend that the full Senate approve the bill.

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