Apple’s 4-inch ‘iPhone SE’ — a low-cost iPhone option

On Monday, March 21, technology major Apple unveiled the much-anticipated 4-inch variant of its iPhone called the ‘iPhone SE.’

The handset is specifically aimed at people who prefer the 4-inch form factor of mobile handsets as compared to the so-called bigger-screen ‘phablets,’ as well as Apple fans in emerging countries looking for a low-cost iPhone.

The new 4-inch iPhone SE model range begins at $399, which makes it the most affordable iPhone ever to be offered by Apple. The handset marks a revival of the characteristic 4-inch form factor by Apple, after the company’s strategic move to bigger-screen iPhone models in the recent years. Sales data after the quarter end will show if the strategy adopted by Apple works as expected.

However, there are greater chances of Apple registering stronger sales as it will have a low-cost phone in 4-inch range. Technology experts tracking Apple and smartphone segment feel that the latest move by Apple will offer it better sales among customers looking for a low price and easy to handle phone.

The new 4-inch iPhone essentially marks Apple’s recycling of the iPhone 5s model in such a way that the handset has been attractively transformed with a new matte finish; and its boasts the inclusion of several features which are a part of the newer iPhone models.

Some of the key specifications of the 4-inch iPhone SE include Apple’s newest A9 processor; a 12-megapixel iSight camera; a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera; and the Touch ID module. However, one of the newer-iPhone features which is notably missing on the iPhone SE model is the 3D Touch capability which was introduced by Apple on its latest iPhone 6s model in 2015.

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