Google secretly developing digital assistant that appears to be future rival of Amazon Echo

Google secretly developing digital assistant that appears to be future rival of

If to believe the rumors then Google has been secretly working on a digital assistant, which may in coming time become a threat to Amazon’s Bluetooth Echo speaker. The latter has turned out to be immensely popular, which allowed users to perform a number of tasks through voice commands.

Google has not been open about its future product or when it will launch the same. It is speculated that Google has been developing its own smart-assistant sans the help of its sister company, Nest. One of the reasons for not taking help from Next could be how Nest’s reputation has been harmed from delaying its line of products from their scheduled release.

Google seems to be involved in the fastest route of creating its own digital assistant in order to give stiff competition to Amazon’s Echo. Echo works through its digital assistant called Alexa. It is having complex voice recognition technology that allows the speaker to provide an opportunity to its owners the option of activating Alexa and carry out tasks like calling up Uber, playing music or accessing the smart lights in their homes.


In fact, Amazon has lately extended its product-line with the launch of ‘Dot’ and ‘Tap’ devices. Experts said that it is the right time for Google to enter the field and give Amazon a run for its money. Just because Google has kept a lot of secrecy about this product, it seems that it will not soon launch the product.

If Google chooses to integrate features like Maps, Gmail, Google Play Music, Google Play Store and more to work through voice commands then it may become a hot option among users. The interest of digital assistants continues to grow as tech giants begin to experiment with their own versions of digital assistants.


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