Amazon allows third party developers to add Alexa’s voice control to their own devices

Amazon’s digital personal assistant Echo has received a positive response from users. TechCrunch reported that Amazon has given permission to third-party developers to use Alexa’s voice control for their own devices.

Alexa is the AI that makes smart devices like the Echo speaker and Fire TV even more powerful. Earlier, Amazon let developers add the AI to their apps for seamless mixing with the device.

In the latest update, the Alexa Voice Services (AVS) has included more features for developers to mix with their devices, which aren’t limited to just a few ones. Developers can soon make Alexa set timers, regulate the volume and manage the media playback using their own respective devices.

Steve Wozniak’s latest Reddit AMA said that developers have been attracted to Alexa as it promises the potential of an AI-powered future.

The APKs for Alexa has been updated by Amazon, now letting developers teach the AI digital assistant skills for various functions. Earlier, the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) supported playing music, weather and traffic updates swell as Wikipedia integration for queries.

Amazon is spending heavily on AI future and the key is Alexa. The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon has been accelerating at a very high speed. Though other companies like Apple, Google and Amazon own digital assistants, they have been blocked into the smartphone world.

With the saturation in the smartphone market, the focus is seeing a shift in the direction of the American households and the rest of the countries worldwide. The most recent Apple TV’s integration with Siri has already shown how much the iPhone maker is willing to be a part of users’ living rooms. But, the scopes of Apple’s AI efforts are apparently limited in comparison to that of the e-commerce giant.

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