Justice Department gets access to California gunman’s iPhone

A big revelation has been made by the US Justice Department. It has found a way to unlock an iPhone without the help from Apple. Now, the agency is going to withdraw the case in which it demanded Apple should help it to open an iPhone that was used by Syed Rizwan Farook, a gunman in the December shooting in California in which 14 people were killed.

The case between the government and the world’s most valuable public company was becoming increasingly controversial as Apple has refused to help the authorities. The decision to drop the case will put an end to a legal standoff between the two parties.

But some have said that the government’s ability to unlock the iPhone through a different method has raised new uncertainties and one of the concerns is the security level of Apple devices. The development also leads to potential for new conflicts between the government and Apple with regard to method used to open the device and whether the technique will be disclosed.

It has been said by lawyers for Apple that they want to know the procedure used to crack open the smartphone, but there is a possibility that the government might not reveal the method. Esha Bhandari, a staff lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union, affirmed that it would be better to provide information to Apple, so that it can cover any weakness it finds.

On Monday, the Justice Department said that it has successfully been able to access the data stores on Farook’s iPhone and no more needs any assistance from Apple. FBI investigators have started assessing the contents of the phone.

It is speculated that a company outside the government has helped the FBI with the means to get into the phone used by Farook who had an iPhone 5C.

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