Twitter-owned Periscope celebrates first birthday

Periscope has finished one year after the company’s control was transferred to micro-blogging network Twitter. One of the biggest players in the transition to mobile live streaming, which made a debut in March 2015, has celebrated its first anniversary.

On the event, Periscope has also shared certain statistics unveiling how fast it is growing since it made a debut. The best achievement is that the app’s users have added more than 200 million broadcasts to its networks.

Periscope also mentioned that around 110 years of live video is watched on daily basis on its mobile applications for Android and iOS. There is a possibility that Periscope’s dominance may be debated in the coming time as it is being rumored that YouTube is planning to come up with its own version of rival app.

But Periscope seems to be habitual of competition. Earlier also, it has faced competition from Meerkat, the first leader of mobile live-streaming, and has registered a win against it. Currently, Periscope is facing competition from Facebook Live, whose entry has been quiet strong in the market. It quickly rolled the live-streaming feature to all iOS and Android users in the US.

Facebook seems to be having an advantage, as it is having 1.5 billion monthly active users. Another positive point is that Facebook promotes its live streams through notifications. Therefore, there is a possibility that Periscope’s dominance might soon decline.

But, it does not mean that Periscope is not growing. As per the company’s report from the last August, its users were watching four decades of video per day. Periscope is trying to increase its popularity using varied measures.

At one side Periscope has been pushing the video broadcasting craze forward, its parent company, Twitter, is working to gets its social network back on track.

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