Rockland County: Foreign national visiting relatives in New York, dies of bacterial meningitis

According to health officials, a foreign national visiting relative in suburban New York on a holiday has lost life to bacterial meningitis. Rockland County Executive Ed Day said that the person got sick during visit to an unidentified community and lost life on Monday morning. The people who were in direct touch with the victim have been told to undergo a course of antibiotics.

Officials said that there is nil risk of further meningitis spread to other residents. Authorities didn’t disclose the name of the victim and the hospital that was involved in the case.

Typically, bacterial meningitis is more serious than viral meningitis. Both of them lead to inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

Earlier on Monday, sources told the Daily News that the patient visited from Argentina in the last 24 hours and got himself checked into Nyack Hospital.

The hospitalization of the ill patient triggered concern that a plane-packed with passengers was exposed to the risky virus.

Day added, “At this time, there are no additional community contacts or exposures of concern in Rockland County. There is no risk of further spread of meningitis to local residents”.

Furthermore, sources said that prophylactic antibiotics have been prescribed for the emergency room staff of Nyack Hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gave confirmation to the case at 3:39 pm on Monday, some hours after authorities have come to know about it.

CDC spokesman Ian Branam said that they have been notified and are carrying out the suitable airline investigation. The spokesman said that for further questions, the state health department is the right place.

The CDC said that most people with meningitis recover, but it can lead to severe complications, like hearing loss, brain damage or learning disabilities.

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