Scientists Discover Two Mummified Puppies

Scientists are analyzing the remains of two ice age puppies that were discovered in the far northeast region of Yakutia in Russia. It is still unclear whether these 12,460-year-old puppies were domesticated or belonged to the wild. The age of these puppies has been determined to be three months. These puppies have been given the name of the Tumat dogs, with the name originating from the closest village located to the discovery site.

The first mummified dog was discovered in 2011 in remote Arctic tundra located 2,900 miles from Moscow by hunters who were looking out for mammoth tusks in a riverbank alongside a deposit of ancient bones. Sergei Fyodorov, the head of the exhibitions at Mammoth Museum in the North-Eastern Federal University in the regional capital of Yakutsk, was informed about the find.

In 2015, Fyodorov discovered another puppy, just a few feet away from where the first puppy was found. Both the puppies are being assumed to be siblings.

β€œTo find a carnivorous mammal intact with skin, fur and internal organs β€” this has never happened before in history. The condition of our new find is perfect. It is preserved from nose to tail, including the hair. You can see the hair on the paw on the picture,” said Fyodorov.

It is extremely rare to find puppies because the thin bones and fragile skulls of dogs usually erode over the period of time. However, the brain of the second puppy is absolutely intact, being the first one in the world, according to Fyodorov.

Scientists will require a minimum of one year to rebuild the genomes of the puppies, while a comparison will be carried out between the brain of second dog, and modern dogs and wolves. Furthermore, the stomach contents of the puppies will also be examined by the team of scientists.

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